Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Jessiqa Pace is Too Hot for Formula One

jessiqa pace martini billboard taken down monaco gran prix
I'm a huge Formula One fan. As I've mentioned before, Lewis Hamilton is my hero, admittedly more due to his dating prowess than his skill on the track. During last weekend's Monaco Gran Prix, I caught the entire event on Speed TV, from the practice session to the qualifying, and finally the race itself even though it started at the ungodly 4:30AM. During the hours of watching the million dollar cars race through the streets of Monaco, I kept noticing this large billboard featuring a stunning brunette at one of the hairpins. Apparently I wasn't the only one who took notice as a number of the racers complained that they were distracted by the Martini ad featuring 29-year old bombshell Jessiqa Pace. Race organizers decided to take down the billboard prior to Sunday's race to avoid having the first crash attributable to a hottie.

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scarf said...

Jessiqa is so beautiful, especially with swimwear.