Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Lucia Micarelli Makes Me Love the Violin

lucia micarelli
A few weeks ago when I was laid out on the couch with the flu, I caught this great concert special on PBS featuring trumpeter Chris Botti as he performed live in Boston with an all-star cast of guest performers including John Mayer, Sting, Katharine McPhee (gawd she looked amazing) and Steven Tyler (incredible rendition of Smile that he sang for his Dad). It doesn't matter what your musical tastes are, you need to check out this concert. has a great deal where you can buy a CD/DVD combo for only $15.

However, the concert itself is not really what this post is about. What, or rather who I want to point your attention to is 26 year old violinist Lucia Micarelli, who I absolutely fell in love with as I saw her perform with Mr. Botti. There is nothing more attractive than a talented, successful, and sexy woman. We're hoping Maxim convinces her to do a photoshoot with fellow violinist hottie Vanessa Mae. Man, that would really get me into classical music. Check out the video clip of Ms. Micarelli below.

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