Monday, April 27, 2009

Here is Another Worhtless Financial Article

worthless financial article
Link to Worthless Financial Article

Only an idiot would consider these “tips” earth-shattering. Save some money, don’t go into personal debt, invest. No shit Sherlock.

Here is the stupidest quote of the article…in my humble opinion:

“On the same note, Smith says that even though she's a millionaire, no one would know it--and that's the point. She recommends saving at least 10 to 25 percent of your income. She also suggests avoiding buying "status" items, such as fancy sports cars or mansions. After all, bling doesn't make a millionaire--and in fact, too much of it can prevent you from ever becoming one."

You can probably imagine why someone who runs a site like G Luxe would strongly agree with this quote. I'm sorry, but if it wasn’t for “status” items, my arse would be more than happy working at a cigar store making 12 bucks an hour and all the stogies I can smoke. The only reason I've chosen not to do that and instead worked hard to get a good job that affords me a good living - which by the way, contributes a good chunk of dollars to the economy through the taxes I pay and the stuff I buy - is that I do want to buy an Audi R8 and someday I would love to buy a good 'ol fashion mansion.

In fact, we should be telling our kids:

"Hey, want to live like a rockstar? Want to be able to jetset like Diddy? Work your ass off, study hard, save some money, invest, and the world will be your oyster."

If some schmuck had told me as a kid to study and work hard so that someday I could be a "wealthy" 45-year-old coupon clipper driving some 15-year-old BMW that I bought used, I’d tell them to go fuck themselves and go back to playing my Nintendo.

If you’re fortunate enough to make a good living, already saving 25 percent (or more), then go live it up. What a pathetic existence if you save all that money and your only memories when you're too old to wipe your own ass (yes, I've been gratuitous with the word "ass" in this post) is of eating at Rubios during Taco Tuesdays.

Btw, I know the picture doesn't really relate to the post...I just thought it was funny.

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