Saturday, April 25, 2009

Arturo Fuente Black Label Forbidden

arturo fuente black label forbidden
Hey guys, sorry for the lack of posts during the last few days. I was busy in New York for a few days of way too much drinking, eating, and smoking. What makes that any different from my normal days? Well its New York, and everything is cranked up a notch in the Big Apple. I'll share a little more on my gastro-adventures in a bit, but first...

Check out this Black Label Forbidden cigar by Arturo Fuente that we found reviewed on Cigar Inspector. At $80 bucks a stick (that's 80 freaking bucks!!!), this is probably not going to be your everyday smoke. Made of the same blend as their Opus X line, the Black Label Forbidden is only available at the Casa Fuente in Las Vegas (one of our favorite hangout joints). As expected from an eighty dollar Fuente cigar, the Forbidden received five stars from the guys at Cigar Inspector. Maybe we'll convince Crew Member Tandori to buy us some next time we're in Vegas.

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