Thursday, January 15, 2009

Curtis & Compay Watch

Sometimes you need a large and loud (maybe obnoxious) watch to make a statement. Curtis & Company makes big watches, many of which have 50mm+ faces, and their time pieces do tend to be loud (and perhaps obnoxious to some). We love them and so do a bunch of celebrities ranging from Reggie Bush, Rihanna, and Rampage Jackson - as well as others who's first name starts with a letter other than "R". One model to consider is this Big Time World Watch that features a 57mm case, polished stainless steel, sapphire crystal coating, Swiss Ronda movement, and will tell you that you're late in three time zones. You can purchase one for $1680 at

1 comment:

Perpetuelle said...

Too obnoxious for me!

But great site, though! I am a new fan of G Luxe!