Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Mobile Cigar Lounge

Fascism sucks. That's why we're dead-set against the anti-smoking nazis who have made it damn near impossible to smoke a fine cigar anywhere outside of your own bathroom (and we're sure they're working on legislation to try to stop that as well). Look, we're OK if you don't want to smell tobacco smoke while eating at your local Olive Garden. We get it. Hell, you can ban smoking in 99 percent of all restaurants and public places and we'd be fine with it. But its ridiculous that if I decide to open a restaurant called Steak and Cigar House for Smokers and Smoking Employees Only, I can't do so. In much of California, if I find myself on a stretch of beach in the early morning with no one 100 yards to my right and left and decide to light up a stogie, I could get a fine. If people would just be reasonable, the country would be a much happier and less fascist place to live.

Until that day comes, which we doubt it ever will, us cigar smokers will be relegated to the back rooms and alley ways as we try to enjoy our smokes. Thankfully, there are fine folks like those behind the Mobile Cigar Lounge that are working on comfortable alternatives. Based in Tampa, Florida, the company produces customized Airstream trailers that are turned into a luxurious cigar refuge, complete with "cherry cabinetry, parquet floors, granite counters, ostrich leather seating, fully-stocked humidor, crystal ashtrays, a wine cellar, beverage refrigerator, espresso bar, and five flat screens". Hell, that sounds less like a mobile cigar lounge and more like our dream house!

If you're lucky enough to live in the Tampa area, you can rent out the lounge on wheels for special events. A sexy Cigarista hostess comes with the package. We hope the company flourishes and finds their way out here to Southern California.


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