Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Luxe of the Day: Ferrari California

Ferrari California

We were initially going to post about the countdown site that Ferrari set up to introduce the Ferrari F149 aka Ferrari GT aka Ferrari California, but it seems like the fine folks at Maranello couldn't hold their wad. While the countdown is still ticking, they've already released some photos of their newest Italian beauty. The Ferrari California (being Cali boys, we'll go with that moniker) is one of the most anticipated Ferrari to come out of Maranello in a while, probably due to its expected price point - in the low 100's - which makes it a plausible purchase for your average single digit millionaire. But as you can tell from this picture, this car has not lost its distinctive and sexy Ferrari styling. G Luxe crew member Tandori is getting his check book ready.

Read more at autoblog.com.

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