Monday, March 3, 2008

Illy espresso machine, $150 (reg. $770)

If you've ever wanted a quality espresso machine either at your home or office, check out this offer by Illy. For $150, receive a Francis Francis X5 espresso machine (available in 7 colors), Julian Schnabel's series of five signed and numbered espresso cups, four cans of Illy coffee, and other goodies. This package retails for $770. Your only obligation is to purchase 4 cans of Illy per month for the next 12 months. Go to to learn more.

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AD said...

As an aficionado of many things-java included- I find that for those of discerning taste nothing compares to the flavor and convenience of that first cup of java poured at your own pad. For a guy that takes his coffee black I find that an at home java concoction has many benefits lest alone allowing for you to stamp your own memorable blends of java sublimare.