Friday, February 29, 2008

One day sale at, save 50% on Padilla Miami & 1932

Check out this amazing one-day offer from Until midnight on Friday (CST), you can save 50% on boxes of the Padilla Miami Belicoso and the Padilla 1932 Corona Gorda:

PadillaMiami Belicoso Fino
Box of 20 (5 x52)
$124.95 (reg. $250)

Padilla1932 Corona Gorda
Box of 25 (5.6 x46)
$149.95 (reg. $300)

Go to to order.

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AD said...

Padilla 1932-named after the birth of Padilla's father. The Don Pepin rolled powerhouse is fantastic.

This is not a cigar for the faint of lung and mouth nor for the uninitiated. This is a full-bodied smoke packed with earthen flavors and pepper mill notes. The 30-40 minute smoke in the corona size is suited for the quick get away but for a true experiece try the torpedo for an real in depth experience. This is one worth revisiting after the box runs dry.