Sunday, October 31, 2010

Ladies at Your Service

Crew Member Tandori is a jet-setting entrepreneur who has built himself a successful biotech business that spans the globe.  He's a man who has accomplished much in his 34 years, and lives a life of decadence that embodies the G Luxe spirit.   Despite all of his success, Tandori is in many ways still like an 8-year old kid.  He can't tell time, at least not on a face clock.  He's still confused between left and right.  And he hates, in his words: "taking care of shit."  By that he means booking vacations, decorating his pimp London flat, or shopping for an exotic car.

What he needs is a high-end concierge service such as Concierge, a London-based "lifestyle management company" that employs attractive, well-mannered ladies who can handle all your services needs - legal activities only of course (Charles Sheen need not apply).  They charge an annual fee of $20,000 plus an hourly rate of $80 and provide their services both out of their London and New York locations.  Read more about them at

We're thinking a slightly naughtier version with a slightly lower membership fee would be an interesting G Luxe service.  What do you think?

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