Thursday, September 3, 2009

Rockstar? Ummm....No

Before posting a picture on Facebook of a $9000+ bill you received from the Venetian due to room damages and adding the quote, “DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMMMNNNNN, we party like rockstars!!!!!!!!”, you should consider the following:

Partying It up with Mike Tyson, Asian gangsters and a chicken causing $9000+ worth of damages: ROCKSTAR

Having two different bachelorette parties decide to join you and your posse in the hotel room for a private party, and causing $9000+ worth of damages: ROCKSTAR

Hiring 1/3 of the Club Sapphire girls for a private show in your room, and causing $9000+ worth of damages: ROCKSTAR

Cramming 7 grown ass men into the standard room which was booked by your mommy, and having one of your boys decide to hang his shirt on the fire sprinklers (presumably because there wasn’t enough closet space for 7 grown ass men), causing the sprinklers to go off flooding the room and causing $9000+ worth of damages: NOT ROCKSTAR

(true story)

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