Monday, September 22, 2008

Luxe Rainwater

tasmanian water
My dear friend Callie use to drive me bonkers when she would hydrate her pomeranian Niko with Fiji water. Good thing she didn't know about Tasmanian Rain, a premium bottled water whose source is the rainwaters of Tasmania. Why Tasmania? Because according to the World Meteorological Organization, it is suppose to have the cleanest air on the planet.

In addition to being superior to spring water, which can still contain traces of containments that can't be filtered out, Tasmanian rain also claims to be a carbon neutral company and uses only 100% glass for its bottles.

You can pick up a bottle at fine resorts like Trump International (Chicago, Las Vegas), Ritz-Carlton (VIP suites), and the Biltmore in Miami or you can go to and buy one for $5.

Callie: Niko prefers toilet water.


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