Monday, May 5, 2008

The Only I-Banking Job I Want

I hate bankers. I really do. In my other job, I spend my days buying the crap they're selling. I didn't go through the banking route but I'm sure there's a session during their training that teaches them how to be arrogant arses. I guess spending 100 hours a week putting together pretty little pitch books could turn you into a jerk. However, there would be one investment banking job that would be quite intriguing. AdultVest is a Beverly Hills based investment bank that specifically concentrates in the adult industry. They provide mergers & acquisitions and other investment services for those looking to buy, sell, invest or raise funds for an adult business. How cool is that? Currently, their online marketplace for adult-related investment opportunities top $7 billion in value. Instead of performing due diligence on some stupid steel mill or chip maker, think about doing an on-site review of a strip club or porn set. That, my friends, would be awesome. Learn more about them at

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